Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 Rainbow Day Nursery will be following the following guidelines below: 

  • If your child or any family members are undergoing the following symptoms such as high temperature or persistent cough you MUST NOT send your child into nursery and you MUST inform nursery immediately. You will have to stay in isolation for 7 days. Anyone who has come from abroad all family members must stay in isolation for 14 days and inform nursery. 

  • No parents or visitors will be allowed in the building. All parents must use the main gates for both arrival and collection.

  • When children arrive at the setting, they will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly and throughout the day as normal including staff members.

  • Floor markings have been put in place to ensure that all staff and children are keeping a safe 2 metre distance. 

  • All staff members will be wearing PPE to keep children and themselves safe.

  • Daily deep cleaning of all toys, tables, stationary, floors, the WHOLE nursery and regular cleaning throughout the day. 

  • All children will be spaced out across the nursery to minimise close interaction.

  • Only toys and material to be used for the day will be bought out after being sanitised, everything else will be put away and rotated everyday.

  • Soft fluffy toys will not be used.

  • Children MUST NOT bring toys from home.

  • All parents must bring in a water bottle and snack with their own cutlery for your child.

  • Please ensure that your child comes into nursery wearing sun cream. (Staff members will not be allowed to apply on children) and appropriate clothing depending on weather. 

  • Children will still have the opportunity to visit the park depending on the weather. 

Our duty is to ensure that all children and staff at Rainbow Day Nursery are kept safe throughout. Any changes Parents will be informed.

Thank you, 

Management Team.