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Community Inspiration Awards 2023


Nominations for the 11th Community Inspiration Awards 2023 are now open. The annual Community Inspiration Awards is organised by the Community Foundation, to recognise outstanding contributions made by staff from public sector organisations, charities, businesses and members of the community, whose efforts have made a positive difference in the community.


Every year, we are inundated with hundreds of nominations for outstanding achievements made by individuals, public sector organisations, charities and businesses.  There is no fee to make a nomination, its completely free to enter. We also don’t charge people who have been shortlisted to attend the awards ceremony.  This year’s Community Inspiration Awards ceremony will take place on Friday 8th September 2023 where our panel of esteemed judges will announce the finalists and winners.

Deadline for nomination is 12pm Friday 31 March 2023

11th Community Inspiration Awards


Each year we have 15 high profile VIPs from across West Midlands to give out the awards. Our confirmed VIPs this year, who will give out the awards on the night includes (other VIPs once confirmed will be added to this list):
























Previous Award Presenters:-



The Baroness Brown of Cambridge, Julia King     

Jess Phillips MP               

Shabana Mahmood MP       

Richard Burden MP                

Khalid Mahmood MP

Tahir Ali MP                     

Paulette Hamilton MP         

Lorley Burt MP                      

John Hemming MP

Neena Gill MEP               

Phil Bennion MEP

Regional and local Authorities:

WM Combined Authority Mayor, Andy Street

Coventry City Council Chief Executive, Martin Reeves 

Dudley City Council Chief Executive, Kevin O’Keefe                                       

Longhurst Group Chief Executive, Julie Doyle  

Sandwell Council Chief Executive, Jan Britton                                               

Midland Hearts Chief Executive, Ruth Cooke

Birmingham City Council Chief Executive, Dawn Baxendale

Acting Chief Executive, Angela Probert

Birmingham City Council Chief Executive, Mark Rogers

West Midlands Combined Authority Chief Executive, Martin Reeves



Police & Crime Commissioner, Simon Foster                               

PCC David Jamieson 

PCC Late Bob Jones

West Midlands Police Chief Constable, David Thompson          

West Midlands Chief Constable, Chris Sims


Fire Service:

West Midlands Fire Service - Chief Fire Officer, Phil Loach                   

West Midlands Fire Service Fire Authority Chairman, John Edwards

Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Gary Taylor



Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive, Richard Kirby

NHS Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust Chair, Danielle Oum

Birmingham Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust Chairman, Sue Davis

Sandwell & West Birmingham Chief Executive, Toby Lewis 

Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Chairman, Richard Samuda



Vice Chancellor Aston University, Julia King

Birmingham Metropolitan College Principal and Chief Executive, Pat Carvalho   

South & City College Birmingham Principal, Mike Hopkins



Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership, Cllr Ian Courts

WM Canal and River Trust Chairman, Peter Mathews CMG   

Rubery Own Chairman, Dr David Owen OBE        

Chief Executive Black Country Chambers of Commerce, Corin Crane

Black Country Metals Trading Ltd Chairman, Peter Matthews

British Group Liberal International, Chairman Phil Bennion.



Leader of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Cllr Ian Courts   

Leader of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Cllr Robert Sleigh

Deputy Leader Dudley Council, Cllr Judy Foster                                 

Deputy Leader Worcester City Council, Cllr Joy Squires                     

Leader of Sandwell Council, Cllr Darren Cooper                                 

Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council, Cllr Brigid Jones           

Leader of Birmingham City Council, Cllr Albert Bore                       

Lord Mayor of Birmingham City, Cllr Muhammad Afzal                     

Lord Mayor Cllr Shafique Shah

Lord Mayor Cllr Ray Hassell

Lord Mayor Cllr Anne Underwood

Lord Mayor Cllr Yvonne Mosquito 

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Community Category

1. Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is to recognise the outstanding achievements made by a person throughout their lifetime and is an inspiration to others.


2. Duty to the Community Award

This award is to recognise a politician or community activist for their dedication to serve the community through thick and thin to bring about improvements in their constituent area or to a community.


3. Bringing People Together Award

This award is to recognise outstanding individuals or a group who have improved community cohesion by bringing together people from different backgrounds and cultures to work together.


4. Environment Champion Award

This award is to recognise an individual or an organisation that has been helping to make positive improvements to the environment.


5.Sports Award

This award is to recognise an individual who has excelled in sporting, or a club that has supported people to realise their full potential and sporting talent.


6. Volunteer Award 

This award is to recognise an individual who has dedicated their time and energy voluntarily to an organisation or cause through which they have made a significant difference in the community.


7. Education Achievement Award

This award is to recognise students who have strived hard and made significant progress to achieve outstanding academic success in their study at school, college or university.


8. Good Neighbour Award

This award is to recognise someone with a heart of gold, who is always on hand to help out and make everyday life better for their neighbours.

Public Services Category

1. Community Reassurance Award

This award is to recognise the outstanding contribution made by a member of the Police Service or a policing team who have worked hard with the community to successfully improve community safety or reduce fear of crime.


2. Public Services Award

This award is to recognise an outstanding contribution made by an officer or a team from the council or housing association by going the extra mile to respond to the service needs of the community and improve customer satisfaction.


3. Fire Fighter Award

This award is to recognise an outstanding fire fighter or a team who have put their own lives at risk to save people/property from fire or who have worked hard to improve fire safety.


4. Health & Well Being Award

This award is to recognise the significant contribution made by a health practitioner or a team to improve health and well-being of the community though their continuous dedication and commitment to help others going beyond their call of duty.


5. Education Service Award

This award is to recognise an individual or a team who has been innovative in creating opportunities for people to get into education or complete their education who otherwise would not have studied/achieved the grades.


6. Business & Enterprise Award

This award is to recognise businesses and social enterprises that have managed to ride the economic downturn or have made positive contribution to their locality and/or customers.


7. Community Organisation Award 

This award is to recognise an outstanding voluntary organisation that has made a positive impact on the community through their continuous dedication and passion to help the community.

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